Face Masks And 5-layer Face Mask Filters For Kids and Adults

Face Masks And 5-layer Face Mask Filters For Kids and Adults

Posted by Lady Fuschia on 22nd May 2021

If you are unknowingly infected by the virus, face masks can help protect others around you. Face masks also protect others when physical distancing is not possible, like on public transport.

The Australian government Department of Health strongly recommends the use of face masks in areas of high community transmission rates. You should check with your local health authorities on the use of face masks in your area.

Types of Face Masks and Levels of Protection They Give

Face masks can either be disposable or reusable. The face masks you should be buying fit your face and can therefore filter out air properly.

The types of face mask available in Australia are the following:

  • Particulate Filter Respirators
    N95 or P2 masks are particulate filter respirators which prevent airborne transmission. It gives good protection but is not recommended for source control. It is used by healthcare workers during aerosol generating procedures.
  • Medical-grade Face Masks
    These are surgical masks that are used for droplet protection and used only once and disposed afterwards. These are used by healthcare workers.
  • Non-medical Grade Face Coverings
    Fabric face coverings like layered cloth coverings have a limited evidence for protection and are used by the public where physical distancing cannot be achieved.
  • Non-manufactured, Non-medical Grade Face Coverings
    Handkerchiefs, scarves and bandanas are examples of these; there is no evidence for protection that these face coverings give.

How To Wear and Care for Your Face Mask

To clean reusable face masks -like layered cloth covering, by handwashing or dropping them in the washing machine. It’s okay to mix layered cloth coverings with other clothes.

Air dry or place them in the dryer and make sure it is completely dry before reusing them.

Medical grade face masks should only be used once and properly disposed afterwards.

Safety Use Tips:

  • Wash your hands before putting on and after taking off your face masks.
  • Do not touch your face masks while you’re wearing it.
  • When you’re taking your face mask off, do not touch your eyes, mouth and nose.
  • Do not share your face mask with anyone.
  • Wash reusable face masks every day after use.

Our Lady Fuschia Face Masks Include:

1.Kids’ Masks

❏Fit for toddlers
❏Made of 100% cotton
❏With an elastic knot for a firm fit
❏Washable and Reusable
❏Comes in different eye-catching designs

2.Adult Masks

❏Single Layer Poly Spandex Face Mask

➢Washable and reusable
➢Comes in different colours

❏Washable & Reusable PM2.5 Face Mask With Respirator

➢3-layered mask
➢Made of 100% cotton
➢Reusable and washable (Just not the filters)
➢Elastic knot to fit face
➢Comes in different colours

Unlike a fabric mask, PM2.5 face mask filters are not washable. Replace your filter with a new one after every use.

❏Protective Face Mask

➢3-layered mask
➢Reusable and washable
➢Made of 100% cotton
➢With an elastic knot for a firm fit
➢Washable and Reusable
➢Comes in different eye-catching designs

Get the right face mask for you and your loved ones. Check out our durable and face-friendly face masks.

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Get a face mask that fits your face and protects you and others. Choose from safe non-medical grade face masks at Lady Fuschia today.


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