Looking for something special for your babies? If you’re searching for a present, Lady Fuschia has a collection of children’s toys and accessories that can bring a smile to their faces.

 Precious Baby Keepsakes

 If you just have welcomed your little one, our footprints and handprints are perfect keepsakes. Babies grow up too fast, so you should better capture memories that will last. Why should you get this as a gift?

  • Footprints and handprints are easy to create.
  • Can be placed in a frame and used as house décor.
  • Available in blue and pink colours.
  • 100% safe for babies, your babies won’t touch the ink.
  • These keepsakes can remind you of wonderful memories with your little ones.
  •  Can serve as a memorable milestone for your kids as they grow up.
  • Gives a priceless connection to your little ones.
  • Our footprints and handprints can also be used on small pets.

 Getting Around in Style

 Is your little one fond of carrying your bag around? Give her our bear coin purses. These kid’s purses come in different colours   - teal, red, grey, black, yellow and blue. We also have a sleeping bunny design and more in various other prints. With our cute designs, they’ll be screaming out of delight upon seeing it.

 Igniting Creative Minds

 Or do your kids like to doodle and draw? Encourage their interest in Lady Fuschia’s LCD writing tablet. Here are reasons why you should pick this as a gift.

  • Handy, durable and portable, fit for any occasion.
  •  No charging needed. The LCD writing tablet is powered by a small ion battery which is built to last for months.
  • Practical and convenient for children to draw, doodle or paint.
  • Built with anti-glare and anti-radiation properties plus an auto-brightness feature to protect your children’s eyes.
  • Comes with an easy-grip stylus pen to practice your kids’ fine motor skills.
  • Saves on paper and ink.
  • Non-toxic, our tablets are made with kid-friendly materials.
  • An LCD writing tablet sparks creativity in children.

 Ready to surprise your kids? Get one from Lady Fuschia’s children’s toys and accessories. Order now.