Mum’s Quick Guide: Best Bags for Different Mum-Life Stages

Mum’s Quick Guide: Best Bags for Different Mum-Life Stages

Posted by Lady Fuschia on 18th Nov 2020

As a mother, you have probably sacrificed your personal style over dangling plush toys in unicorns and pink ribbons. But we all want to feel our best, if not look our best, even with the rest-less nights of hovering over a newborn, to a Friday lunch with co-workers, to running for school errands. Every day is a busy day. And what could be the best way to atone feeling? Handbags, of course.

You probably have plenty of stylish bags in your closet, perhaps one for each day of the week. As busy as Mum days will be, you’ll have to choose ones that are not only stylish but are functional as well.

The new-mum bag

For the diaper duty and all baby needs, chic backpacks, crossbody, or stylish tote bags are your ideal go-to bags. Choose the ones with multiple interior compartments to separate different baby items. With everything you need on the go, you’ll need to secure baby essentials, so keep bag sections as organised as possible.

Extra tip: secure a mini or a small pouch in one of the compartments of your bag, or clip it in your baby’s stroller. This is for easy access to your phone, wallet, keys, and some mints.

Playdates with toddler

Perhaps for a walk in the park or an hour at the playhouse, you need a carry bag large enough to hold water bottles, towelettes, extra clothes, nappies, your toddler’s snacks, and your personal belongings. You can opt for tote bags, a crossbody satchel, or any other casual bags with roomy multi-pockets. To add to style and extra energy boost, choose a bag with a tinge of funky color, or ones with bohemian floral print are as stylish as well.

Parenteen days in school

There will be days when you just have to step out of the office and run along for a parent-teacher meeting. And you need a kind of bag for multitasking that will not compromise your style. For the busy mum-life at work and school, you can opt for a sleek messenger bag, a sophisticated satchel you can wear across the torso, or a carryall tote bag with a posh vibe to carry your laptop and other office essentials. You can choose a handbag that has a solid structure so you can secure work documents and school essentials such as parent notice slips and records.

Grocery shopping

For quick, cashless shopping, you can opt for a sling bag that can carry the essentials. With bulkier loads, you can be practical with foldable shopping bags which are reusable for the next grocery day. The best thing is foldables can also go well as regular bags on normal mum-days.

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