What To Look For In A Yoga Mat When Shopping Online

What To Look For In A Yoga Mat When Shopping Online

Posted by Lady Fuschia on 22nd Jul 2021

What to look for in a yoga mat seems like a broad question. That’s why we’ve written this blog to tailor the types of yoga mat according to your needs. Whether you’re a yoga beginner, teacher or progressing student, you need a good yoga mat that’s right for you.

Good Quality Yoga Mats

The considerations in what to look for in a yoga mat include:


A good yoga mat definitely lasts long. You may not try on a yoga mat in store or online, but you can judge its quality based on its contents and customer reviews. You would usually question its quality if the price was low. But, at Lady Fuschia, our mats are ethically sourced and made in Australia, so you are assured of its quality. We also have 14 days free return from receiving the item, so you can test out the yoga mat.


Lightweight yoga mats are perfect for travelling to the yoga centre or anywhere you have your pilates or yoga retreat. These are preferred by most yoga teachers and students who like to be on-the-go. It also keeps your back from being bulky and protects your shoulders from extra weight too. Travel mats are 1 to 2.5 mm thick and come in different lengths. Pick a length that’s synonymous with your height. Our 4 MM Eva Yoga Mat Pads are perfect for bite-sized yoga sessions.


In order to achieve a yoga pose, you need a good mat with a firm grip. For instance, Bikram yoga makes your hands and feet sweat a lot, so you need a sweat absorbent yoga mat. Exerting effort on a yoga pose doesn’t have to be extremely hard. You can choose non-slip yoga mats that stabilise your balance and allow safe and successful movement. Ashtanga Vinyasa and Bikram yoga require a firm grip and maximum performance yoga mats.

4.Materials Used

Natural fibre and natural rubber are two things to look for in an eco-friendly yoga mat. This not only saves the planet, but it also protects you from harmful chemicals as you inhale with your yoga mat. Natural rubber may have a weird smell at first, but you can simply spray it off with a natural cleaner that won’t corrode the mat. Keep the yoga mat flat on the surface and let it dry completely before rolling it. Also, avoid products like PVC or synthetic rubber that can irritate your skin and expose you to chemical substances.


When doing head-to-toe poses and movements that require good posture, thicker yoga mats aid your movement. This helps you hold a pose for longer and lets you sit comfortably without straining your body parts. Yoga mats that are 6MM to 10 MM thick are perfect for Yin and Restorative yoga.


The texture of the yoga mat can influence how well you perform the yoga pose. Other yoga mats can have a bumpy texture which can bother some yogis. It’s important to choose a soft yoga mat with a non-slip feature especially in Vinyasa flow so you don’t get injured. Our Eco Fitness Gym Pilate Exercise Mats will help you get a good grip on challenging yoga poses.

Make your yoga journey worthwhile with lovely, inspiring, and durable yoga mats made with the best quality. Shop affordable good yoga mats at Lady Fuschia online now.