What’s the Best Style of Scarf for You?

What’s the Best Style of Scarf for You?

Posted by Lady Fuschia on 25th Jul 2020

Scarves have been a perfect neck embellishment for a long time that they’ve become a typical fashion accessory and an essential item in every woman’s wardrobe. Aside from the comfort and warmth they bring, scarves are instant style definers—you can wear scarves in different ways.

What style of scarf is best for you? You can either categorise scarves according to your personality, the weather, or according to occasion. Nevertheless, scarves give that additional appeal to your entire look. No wonder it has become the most loved neck adornment no matter the season.

Here are different types of scarves to keep your style in check, whether worn as an accessory or an outerwear:

Leopard Prints – Channel your playful and wild side

These patterns bring out your sassy vibe while remaining sophisticated. Perfect for any season, you can style a leopard print with a plain, denim wear to add texture, or project a more striking look by complementing it with bold colours. In the same way, you can use a subtle animal pattern as a turban or as a bag accessory.

Winter Scarves – Practical style for the colder season

As the winter chill approaches, you may want to stock up on scarves as must-have basics. Pair with your favourite knee-high boots and jackets, Pashmina or cashmere scarves can be your go-to winter comfort. Thin, soft and comfortable, these wool scarves function as a wrap-around, giving you more warmth. How to tell if a Pashmina scarf is real? Simply cut a small fringe from the scarf and do a burn test. It should, by then, smell like burnt hair.

Silk Scarves – For added luxury and sophistication

As a popular scarf fashion accessory, the luxury of silk scarves has come a long way as a neck adornment. Are these types of scarves in fashion lately? Absolutely! Because you can wear silk scarves in many ways, they can almost be worn to match any fashion statement: tied in a bow-like fashion to the side, turtleneck layer, long and drop wrap, or even as a turban, a bracelet loop, or as a belt in jeans. You can be that woman who adores the Breakfast at Tiffany’s vibe or the on-the-go career woman while wearing silk scarves

Floral Print Scarves – Natural, feminine style

You can drape floral print scarves down or tie a front bow knot while matching them with your petite dresses, or outfits in neutral colours. This lightweight scarf maintains your elegant style while projecting a natural spring fashion.

Still confused on the best scarves to wear? You can check a variety of beautiful and fashionable scarves here and let the scarf fashion police take care of your next outfit.