What’s the Best Workout Leggings for Running and Yoga?

What’s the Best Workout Leggings for Running and Yoga?

Posted by Lady Fuschia on 11th Jan 2021

Leggings have become a staple bottom wear for most women. Because, why not? They’re perfect in every way and any occasion. Wear your patterned leggings under your favourite short-length dress and top it off with a good pair of ankle boots, and you’re set for a Saturday night out. Or you can put on a posh vibe by matching your leggings with a sleek boyfriend blazer on top of a cozy shirt to layer in style. Or simply look cool and light by pairing your leggings with your favourite tee and Pashmina scarf.

You can never go wrong with leggings, whether for a formal event or casual days.

But for workout and trainings, specific types of leggings are necessary. For low-impact workouts like yoga, or for cardio exercises like running, the best leggings have requirements. Here are some considerations for the best workout leggings for running and yoga.


Polyester and nylon are the better fabric options to use. They have better stretch and are moisture-wicking--should be able to handle moisture and are quick absorbent to sweat.

For running, a shiny fabric will work well. For yoga, you can use a matte-like fabric. Cotton leggings are comfortable fabrics to wear but may not be that suitable when it comes to workout exercises. They tend to absorb your sweat instead of letting it out during workout.

Opaque and lightweight

Be careful when in choosing leggings. Not to be confused with tights, the fabric of leggings is much thicker. While both are skin-tight bottom wear, tights are somewhat sheer. As intensity workouts, you need leggings that are thick enough so no one gets to see your skin. At the same time, the quality is lightweight so you’re still comfortable moving around. Coloured leggings are pleasant to the eyes, but you can always try sporting on a pair of white leggings for a more sophisticated look even on sweaty days.


For yoga, mid-calf or Capri-length pants are comfortable, not only trendy. As to design, floral patterns or neon colours are pleasant to the eyes. If you pair them with a plain-coloured tank top or shirt, you’re set for a day’s yoga. Mid-calf sports leggings can also be worn for running exercises. What’s important is that your leggings should fit well and you’re at ease.

Flat seam

For comfort when moving, choose leggings with flat seams on the inside. If they’re raised, it can cause sweat and irritation. Apart from this, a flat seam has a stronger hold, so your leggings last longer and while maintaining its good condition. Check patterned leggings such as this one which you can wear for both yoga and running.

High-waisted fit

During intense exercise and stretching, there is no need for adjusting when it comes to high-waisted leggings. Not only that they can mask sweat in the waist area, but they’re also flattering.

There are so many options to choose from when looking for workout leggings for running and yoga. Always choose leggings that will make you feel good and comfortable. For any mix and match to your outfit, you can check out a wide selection of scarves, bags, jewellery, and more.