When Are You Supposed to Wear a Fascinator or a Hat?

When Are You Supposed to Wear a Fascinator or a Hat?

Posted by Lady Fuschia on 9th Sep 2020

Historically speaking, it was customary to wear protective headpieces in the 60s—until fashion took over and decorating such head coverings became normal.

Enter: fascinators.

Fascinators really are a fascinating thing. These large decorative pieces have been a formal headwear in Europe, alternative to a hat. They can be worn using a clip or a comb attached to it, or a fascinator headband style to add. Up to this day, its artistry remains a favourite among women.

So when are you supposed to wear fascinators and hats?

It’s always good to add a splash of colour and design that compliments your outfit. In almost any day, whether it be a special event, a formal gathering, or in a no-particular Saturday afternoon, fascinators can give you that extra elegance. Knowing the kind of fascinator to use for such occasions are also important.


We’ve seen them—the sea of fascinators during royal weddings. From baroque styles, ribbons in pinks and purples, to feathery ones, fascinators are essential decorative pieces for women during this special event. But you don’t have to be in attendance at high-profile English weddings for you to wear your fascinator. In any wedding, you can always flash your favorite headpiece, even black fascinators. Just take note of the dress code, style of the wedding, and the right size and type of the fascinator that matches your outfit. Opting to wear a hat? Choose the right size enough not to cover the audience at the back.

Formals and Gala nights

From debutante balls, luxury nights, high school events and proms, to evening wear, you can be a head-turner with a stylish fascinator on. Fascinators are traditionally worn on the right side but wearing fascinators on the left is still as flattering. Make sure it’s slightly tilted forward. If you’re going for a sleek, hair down look, choose a bigger fascinator.

Summer Shindigs

For beach parties and summer getaways, you can model a straw fascinator or incorporate flower crowns. While normal hats and caps are ideal for the summer heat, simple fascinators can give you light and airy mood. You can choose to wear a fascinator hat style though, just make sure it does not cover your eyebrows. As always, choose the ones with a breathable fabric.

Cocktail and Tea Parties

When you are invited to such parties, even fundraiser events, a fascinator will help you add some fun while maintaining that glamour and elegance. The size of your fascinator matters too. Style your hair up and use a small fascinator if you choose a slicked-back style and a medium-size fascinator if your hair is loose.

Race day

What better occasion to associate fascinators there is than race days. They are fairly popular in horse-racing events. Since it’s all about style and grace, women are found sporting fascinators during autumn season. You can play around fascinators with darker tone and block colours for a glamourous headwear. Fascinator headbands are just as fashionable on this occasion.

While fascinators are generally worn in formal attire, they can also add flair to any other special events and dress occasions such as vintage-themed parties. And for some normal days, you can simply dress up and add a simple headpiece on.

When choosing your fascinator, it’s always good to start with your outfit and shoes, its colors, and size. Choose your fascinator that match the occasion. Be intricate about the fabric—heavier for cold season, lighter for the hot season. Check your overall look and lastly have your hair done before adding the fascinator. If you need help choosing one, here’s a wide array for fascinators for you.