Cat/Dog Massager Comb Pink

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1.Easy to Carry —  They are sturdy, durable, and lightweight, easy to be placed in a backpack or car, convenient to carry anytime and anywhere to meet the daily needs of your pet friends.

2.Efficient Hair Removal — Many pet lovers recommend using this pet hair removal comb, which can save worry and effort to comb the floating hair of the pet and reduce the occurrence of hair loss and tangled. It can combs loose hair easily and does not harm the skin of your pet.
3.Additional Massage Effect — The skin under the pet’s hair is the soft place for the pet. These curved and elastic pet hair shedding brushes can make pets enjoy every grooming. They can massage the pets to relieve itching and promote blood circulation, give your beloved pet a comfortable experience.
4.Comfortable to Use — This cute cat massage comb with a cat-shaped handle is comfortable and stable to hold, not easy to slip, and effortless to comb for pets. Tips: Please comb smoothly in the same direction every time, so that the cat hair will be concentrated on the comb and will not be scattered.
5.Wide Application — Whether cats or dogs, whether short or long hair, whether neutral or sensitive skin, the pet fur grooming brush can be used to remove and comb the tangled hair, massage the skin, and make pets better to be neat and cute. is a professional and responsible pet lover.